Keeping Your Senior Pet Healthy and Happy

Senior dogs and cats, just like senior humans, often need special attention and care. They may have developed mental and physical ailments, get tired faster, and become less active with time. You’ll need to be watchful of their health and, ideally, come up with a care routine that addresses their various unique needs properly. Today, The Prime Mart offers advice on caring for your aging pet:



Keeping your senior pet healthy and happy

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Watching out for signs your pet needs special care

Your pet can’t let you know when they’re not feeling well. You need to keep an eye out for symptoms of ill health like an absence of hunger or thirst, changes in sleeping patterns, changes in bodily functions, mental awareness issues, lumps or bumps on their body, and more. It’s common for aging pets to develop symptoms like kidney disease, dementia, arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and urinary incontinence.

Taking them to see the vet more often

A professional’s eye can catch problems you may not be able to spot. Taking your pet to see the vet more often is a great way to catch and nip problems in the bud. According to PetMD, you should take your senior dog to see the veterinarian at least two times per year. You should also get blood and urine tests evaluated at least once a year.


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Resources for veterinary care

Going to the vet can be expensive. If you’re short on cash or don’t have pet insurance, then there are financial assistance programs from non-profits that you could potentially turn to for a helping hand. FinanceBuzz offers a full list you can consult like RedRover, The Pet Fund, and Best Friends Animal Society. You could also discuss payment options with your vet, ask family for donations, or fundraise.

Administering medication

Giving medication to pets can be a challenge – many are averse to taking it. Ask your vet for advice on how best to administer medication to your pet, including dosage, frequency, and method. Some suggestions are sneaking it into their food, having two people administer the dosage, distracting the animal, and being calm when feeding it to them.


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Managing everyday health issues


Older pets tend to eat smaller meals. Some have difficulty with chewing or develop constipation, so special food may be in order; go here for a brand you can trust. Also, if your pet has difficulty bending to eat their meals, consider investing in a raised bowl. If your pet is developing separation anxiety, you can consider soothing music and scented oil to make them feel calmer. Always make sure they have access to fresh drinking water to prevent dehydration. 


Making your pet happy without making health issues worse 


Grooming your pet every day with a soft brush and soothing words will make them feel loved, as will playing with them for at least a few minutes daily. If you have a senior dog, taking them for short walks and allowing them to sniff around as much as they like can be fun as well as mentally stimulating. You can get them special pet toys from The Prime Mart or treat toys that can entertain them without making them tired.     



Making sure to manage your own stress


You need to keep yourself healthy and stress-free to give your pet the best care and best life possible. Pets are sensitive, quickly soaking in human stress. Needless to say, it’s not good for their mental or physical health. Make sure you follow a self-care and stress-management routine to keep your stress levels down. Arrange to work from home once or twice a week, if you can. If that’s not possible, have a pet sitter come by occasionally.



Keeping your senior pet healthy and happy


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The best way to keep your senior pet healthy and happy is by loving them unconditionally. Spend time with them every day, play with them, and make the most of every moment you have with them to keep them happy and stress-free.


Author : Alice Robertson


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