Moving With Your Pet? Here's What You Need To Know

Moving is stressful enough without having to worry about your furry friends. Whether you’re moving across town or the country, you want to make sure that the transition is as smooth as possible for both you and your pet. Today, The Prime Mart provides six tips you can use for peace of mind when it comes to bringing your pet along during your next big move.

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40" Dog Pet Playpen Heavy Duty Metal Exercise Fence



Ensure Their Vaccinations Are Up-to-Date

Depending on where you are moving, The Spruce Pets notes that your pet may need additional vaccinations and health certificates to comply with state laws. To avoid any issues at the vet's office or during travel, make sure their vaccinations are up-to-date before making the move. This will also ensure that if an emergency arises, they will be able to get the medical attention they need right away.


Research Local Pet Laws

Each state has its own set of laws and regulations when it comes to pets. Doing a little research ahead of time can help ensure that you will be familiar with and compliant with the laws and regulations around owning a pet in your new home. These items can include topics such as licensing requirements, whether there are leash laws or any breed restrictions that may apply.


Gaining knowledge before the move lowers stress for both owner and pet. Keeping abreast of the regulations in your state will help you navigate the process more efficiently and allow you to enjoy your move and enjoy settling into your new home.



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Fits Openings 29.5" to 32" Pet Gate Safety Gate



Connect With a New Veterinarian Ahead of Time

Moving can be overwhelming but don’t forget one of the most important tasks — connecting with a new vet! Start researching local veterinarians before you even start packing boxes so that if an emergency strikes, there won't be any delays in getting care for your pet. Additionally, some vets offer remote services so that even after you leave town they can provide ongoing care and checkups as needed.


Make Pet-Friendly Travel Plans


Are you planning on flying or driving long distances? If so, consider investing in pet travel accessories such as car seats or airline-approved carriers for their safety and comfort during the ride. Look online for objective reviews before purchasing a crate, carrier, or harness for your travels. You want to be certain that you get a high quality product that will last throughout your journey.


Additionally, make sure to bring enough food and water dishes for them during their travels so they don't feel unfamiliar or displaced from home while on their journey with you. If your pet has anxiety or behavioral issues, work on those issues before you leave. It will make the travel process smoother.



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Get Familiar Items With You

Bringing along items such as bedding, toys, and treats from home can help keep your pet's stress levels low during this transition period by providing them with a sense of familiarity while away from home sweet home! If you want to make sure you’re investing in the best and safest products on the market, you can find helpful pet care advice by checking with the experts. Additionally, PetHub suggests bringing along a copy of all their medical records just in case of an emergency later down the line. Better safe than sorry! 


Lessen Your Stress Exposure 

Moving is stressful enough without having to worry about your furry friend, too! Do everything within reason ahead of time (researching local vet clinics ahead of time is one example) so that both you and your pup can enjoy a stress-free transition into your new place! If your dog shows a sudden change in behavior, or starts needing to urinate more frequently, then they may be getting overwhelmed. It’s important to note that pets can sense our stress, so watch for signs that you need to pause and take some deep breaths.



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A Good Plan Makes for a Smooth Transition


Embracing change doesn't have to be a challenge for both two- and four-legged family members! With some simple planning, you can ensure that everyone enjoys the move. Keep your pup's vaccinations current, research pet laws in advance, and connect with local vets – you name it! Make sure your pet has his favorite toy from home too so he feels right at home on day one of the big move. Following these tips will make transitioning smoothly as easy as can be.



Author : Penny Martin



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