Must-have items for your dog

1. Collar

Your dog will need a collar!  It's important to choose a dog collar that fits your dog properly.  Dog tags can also be attached to extra loops on collars like this, so they don't obstruct your leash.

     2. Crate 

    If you choose to crate train your dog,  buy a product that folds up for convenient transport and has a dividing panel for growing dogs. It might be a smart move. If you need to travel for several hours, you may need to crate-train your dog


    dog bed

    Removable And Washable Teddy Dog Bed


    3. A dog mat or bed

    Do you know if your new dog chews things? Most pet owners prefer to buy soft, comfy beds. Some beds have an elevated design. Choose it for what your dog needs.

    water bowl

    Pet Water Bottle Portable Travel Cups


    4. Water Bowls

    When strolling around the park or on the street, having one is convenient. You can give your pet water.


    pet water fountain

    Automatic Circulating Drinking Machine Pet Water Fountain

    5. Water Fountain

    It is ideal for having filtered clean water available all day.


    6. A food storage container 

    Dog food needs to be kept in an airtight container to prevent access by mice, bugs, and other unwanted animals.  Buy  BPA-free food-grade plastic.



    HOBBYZOO 40" Circular Portable Foldable Dog Playpen


    7. Dog playpen

    In some circumstances, you might need to confine your dog to a specific area while you have guests. It all comes in useful if you need to secure a dog in a playpen for safety while spending time outside with family and friends.


    8. A reliable leash for daily strolls

    A dog leash is necessary to go for a walk with your dog. Read the reviews of different products. They are not all created equal. Personally, I like leashes with double handles since they provide a second loop for when you want to keep your dog close to you, in addition to the loop at the end of the leash. 

    lint roller

    2-Way Lint Sticking Pet Hair Remover Roller


    9. Lint Rollers

    You might not give this tiny thing much thought. You can swiftly remove hair from your clothing and sofa with this one.

    Unexpectedly, there are some lint rollers of poor quality , so buy one that works well.



    10. Flea and tick collar

    There are several ways to treat fleas and ticks. One convenient way is by using a flea and tick collar. Collars endure for eight months, unlike topical treatments, which must be used every month! They work for several months by discharging a low amount of medication. 


    11. A highly regarded ear infection treatment

    Every dog eventually has filthy, itchy, and odorous ears, so having this solution on hand will be a blessing. An over-the-counter product is available in stores.


    12.  Long-Lasting Dog Chews

    There are lots of them in a variety of forms and flavors.


    13. Animal wipes

    It keeps your dog clean.

    14. Dispensers and Poop Bags

    Poop bags are needed when strolling outside. 
    Just remember not to leave your dog's waste on the lawns of others.


    15. Dog Bath

    Your bathtub is the perfect place! Also, you can buy a portable dog bath so you can give your dog a bath outside in the backyard or indoors 


    Pet Grooming Table

    32" Foldable Pet Grooming Table with Adjustable Arm Black


    16. The grooming desk

    Buy a foldable grooming desk with an adjustable arm that provides more convenience for positioning your dog. 


    17.  A large package of treats

    Given how much dogs enjoy them and how inexpensive they are, treats are  a must-have. Purchase crunch treats to help remove plaque and tartar and keep your dog's teeth healthy.

    18. Nail clippers for grooming at home

    If your dog doesn't visit the groomer frequently, it's crucial to clip their nails at home since if they get too long, it can be painful for them. 


    19. A toy basket and toys

    The wire basket is useful so the puppies can still see and smell their toys. It can store a lot of toys. Keep it clean around your home and keep it organized.



      20. Dog Brush

      A good dog brush will save your time and work when vacuuming pet hair off your carpets and furnishings. Dog brush is very good at getting rid of loose hair without hurting the skin.

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