Givenusmyf Orthopedic Kneeling Chair

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Givenusmyf Orthopedic Kneeling Chair

Children's Learning Air Rod Lift Chair, Ergonomic Anti-Hunchback Correction Office Computer Chair Black



1.It adopts high-quality PU leather cushion and natural sponge with built-in board, which is soft and comfortable

2. Release the pressure and let you have a good sleep


3. Breathable and sweat absorbing 4. Improve your sitting posture;


1. Before the age of 15: it is the best period for students to correct their sitting posture. 63% of the children have poor sitting posture, which is caused by the period when the spine has not been finalized before the age of 18. The period from 7 to 12 is the period of students' spine development, which is the best period to shape students' healthy sitting posture

2. Gravity diversion of the Engineering chair can reduce the waist pressure. The gravity of an ordinary chair is on the waist!

3. Adults are now office workers. They didn't maintain their waist well before and didn't pay attention to their waist and eyes. This corrective kneeling chair can make up for and improve your previous waist injury, back and myopia.


Material: PU leather cushion + natural sponge built-in + iron paint baking support + wood support

Color: black

Product size: 24x18.5x23"

Weight: 220 pounds

Tray: adjustable;

1* kneeling chair


Estimated delivery time:5-7 Day(s)

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