Japanese cast iron teapot

Colors: Plum blossom
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Japanese cast iron teapot


Cast iron brewing: Cast iron is usually used to evenly absorb heat. The gradual and uniform heating of the cast iron injects the most tea flavor into the water.
Sophisticated design: In addition to excellent heat preservation, it also includes a stainless steel infuser for steeping bulk or tea bags to ensure that it will not change or change your brewing taste.

Beautiful aesthetics: The cast iron teapot is not only an ornament but also a core and dialogue starter. It is an excellent brewing equipment.

Maintenance: To clean, use only clean water. Do not use dish soap. After each use, do not leave the tea or water in the pot for more than an hour and let it dry sufficiently. The dishwasher is not safe.

Gifts: Good gifts for fathers, friends, family, weddings and tea lovers. The exquisite design is very suitable for tea fans.

The boiling water used in the iron pot contains divalent iron ions, so it has the effect of spring water and can effectively improve the taste. It is very suitable for brewing various teas.

Not only can it be boiled, but it can also continue to be heated. It has a wider range of functions. It can be specially used to rinse fragrant tea and fruit tea. Black tea is also a good choice for brewing various teas, because the boiling of the cast iron pot can effectively eliminate the tea's Peculiar smell, improve taste.

Physical health: Iron teapots will continuously release Fe2 + during the heating process, which is easily absorbed by the human body, can supplement the needs of the human body, and effectively prevent anemia.

Colour: Black
Material: cast iron
Capacity: 900ml
Approximate size: 17 * 17cm
Package Contents:
1 * teapot


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