Network Toolkit Set

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Network Toolkit Set


Three-purpose crimping pliers: 1 (4P / 6P / 8P crystal head can be pressed)
2. 468 tester: 1 (using automatic scanning method to quickly test network and telephone functions)
3. 58/59 wire stripping knife: 1 (rotary three-cutter coaxial wire stripping, faster and more convenient)
4. KD-1 thread cutter: 1 (crimping and thread trimming are completed at the same time, with the functions of screwdriver and cable puller)
5. Finger-type 501 wire stripping knife; 1 piece (the wire core will not be damaged when stripping, the blade is positioned accurately to prevent damage to the cable)
6. Mini yellow knife: 1 (mainly used to strip the wire, can also be used as a wire cutter)
7. 3X75 screwdriver cross: 1 (full length: 160m, rod length: 75mm, handle length: 85mm)
8. 3X75 screwdriver: 1 (full length: 160mm, rod length: 75rm, shank length: 85mm)
9, 8P8C crystal head: 10 (8P8C RJ45 high-performance crystal head)
10, 10 storage boxes: 1 (10 8P8C crystal heads in the box)

11. Tool bag: 1 (specification: 265X150X60mm)



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Network Toolkit Set
Network Toolkit Set
Network Toolkit Set
Network Toolkit Set
Network Toolkit Set
Network Toolkit Set

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