Clean and Decluttered Bathroom

Bathroom can be messy easily with so many items on the counters.  Let’s make clean and decluttered bathroom and calming and relaxing space.


Declutter items on the counters

clean and decluttered bathroom

Magnetic Mouthwash Cup Set

This product organizes and saves your space. This gets mounted on the wall, you can still use counters for other items.  You can put away many small items here and it looks clean and neat. Try to keep only a few items on the counters. It is also easier to clear off your counter to clean.


Use the wall space to create tidier look

clean and decluttered bathroom

3-tier Single Door Mirror Indoor Bathroom Wall Mounted Cabinet Shelf

This bathroom wall-mounted cabinet has shelves inside and outside. This cabinet can store a lot of bathroom essentials. It has a magnetic lock to hold doors shut. The cabinet is sturdy and durable.


Slim storage cabinet

clean and decluttered bathroom

3-tier Bathroom Storage Cabinet with Garbage Can

If you have a small space between toilet and bathroom sink, or in any other between spaces, use this slim and tall cabinet to store heavy objects, or other bathroom essentials. This beautiful cabinet is a storage cabinet and at the same time, it is a decoration piece in the bathroom.


Add  A Laundry bag

laundry basket

Double-lattice Bamboo Laundry Basket


This simple and inexpensive laundry bag will sort out colors and whites. It makes laundry routines simpler.


Three staggering towel racks

Probably you might need multiple towers of different sizes. If your kids share one bathroom, you want to hang multiple towers. Just one bar might not be ideal in that situation.  Use these three staggering towel racks. You can hang 6 towels. Multilayer Stagger Bars Design makes towel-dried quickly and more Hygiene.


Slim storage tower rack

clean and decluttered bathroom

5 Tier Slim Storage Tower Rack with



This slim storage tower rack is really useful especially when you have a small bathroom. This slim design fits in any small space and you can organize multiple bathroom items. Ultra-thin 4-layer pull-out type, wheels rolling smoothly, easy to move when cleaning. The assembly is also very simple and can be completed without any basic tools.

This can be used in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living room in any narrow storage area.


Wall-mounted stainless steel soap holder

This soap holder makes even your counters tidier. It is mounted on the wall, installation is easy just screwing the holder on the wall. The white dish where the soap is placed can be taken out for easy cleaning.


These are some products to consider to transform your cluttered bathroom into an organized & neat space.

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