Fresh Clear Air Inside Your Home

Fresh Clean Air Inside Your Home


It says that indoor air quality is much worse than outdoor. We get used to shutting our windows and doors relying on an air-conditioned environment 24/7.



Try to circulate air by opening windows for a while each day. Indoor air quality could get much worse during the cold winter time. Allergens could get trapped inside for a long time. Indoor allergens such as pet dander and dust mites could trigger respiratory problems and other issues. If it combines with cold or flu on top of allergens, that could make you miserable.



 Just like we have trees and green plants outside cleaning the air, you could try indoor plants to clean the air. Here are some indoor plants you might want to consider.



english ivy clean air

English Ivy or European Ivy

It is a very popular plant that could clean airborne toxins inside your home. According to NASA's Clean Air Study, English Ivy is effective at cleansing benzene, formaldehyde, xylene and toluene from the air


wall mounted pot

Try these wall decoration pots for English Ivy.

This cute & beautiful pot turns your plants into part of stylized home decoration and definitely adds accents on your wall.

This would work well in the living room, family room, and childrens’ rooms.


Snake plants

Probably you noticed these snake plants outside flower beds. They grow and multiply easily and they also thrive indoors and are easy to take care of.  I put these snake plants in my bathrooms, because toilet paper is very white being processed with chlorine bleach and formaldehyde which are carcinogens. Snake plants clean the air, release lots of oxygen and add moisture in the air. Some indoor plants die quickly if you don’t take care, but snake plants live long. Buy one then, once the plant multiples it, transfer the new one to a new pot. Soon, you will have enough snake plants all over your house.


Rubber plants

I think this is one of the plants you should keep in your office. We are wirelessly connected inside our home. Your laptops, computers, tablets, cellphones, and TVs emit radiation. It says that rubber plants absorb EMF radiation. It is also easy to keep and maintain. Put rubber plants in a room like a home office where you have lots of electronics such as computers, monitors and printers.


Spider plants

This is a perfect choice. This plant is resilient and easy to keep and maintain. If you have pets, consider Spider plants. Spider plants are non-toxic to animals. It cleans toxins in the air including carbon monoxide and xylene. According to the NASA tests, Spider plants remove 90% of formaldehyde from the air.  Formaldehyde is a carcinogen that could cause cancer. You might find formaldehyde in cleaning products. When you clean the house with the scented cleaning products, the house looks clean and the smell might be fresh but if the product you used has formaldehyde, you actually created harmful toxic air.


Clean Air Plant Stand



So what could cause the bad air quality inside your home?


It could be many items that affect the bad air quality. As I mentioned above, your cleaning product that contains formaldehyde,  your furnishings that are made of particleboard, indoor paints, carpet, upholstery, and any bacteria and allergens you might bring in from the outside.


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